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After 12 years of piano studies in classical music, the young mediterranean composer with a Hollywood dream now seeks to reach the heights of the film music industry. This is
what Jean Tariech, a musician born in the south of France, aspires to.

Jean started playing the piano at the age of six. Starting from 10 years old, he has participated in and received prizes at several regional and international competitions across Europe. He has also held concerts in a variety of settings, from museums, bars, hotels, ships to gala evenings with more than 700 spectators. Having obtained his musical studies diploma, he feels only grateful to have studied at the music academy of

his city, Conservatoire Montserrat Caballé which helped him develop great care and attention to detail, rigor and professionalism; all qualities necessary in the field of music.


Jean began to take an interest in film scores at the age of 14, thanks to works by Brian Tyler and John Williams. Then at 16, the composer Hans Zimmer with his soundtrack of the film Dunkirk was the trigger which gave Jean the inspiration to become a film music composer himself. He invested in large virtual orchestras assisted by computers in his studio, with professional soundbanks, and is now working on an album called

" The Five Elements " 5 big orchestral pieces in a film music style.


The influences that aspire Jean among film music composers are Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer and John Williams; as well as classics like Beethoven, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Brukner. His sound evokes massive orchestral styles of composition. His writing is based on large symphony orchestra.

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